Inquire About a Dog

Screening Questionnaire

Who is seeking a service dog? (PWP does not provide service dogs to children under the age of 8)
PWP currently only places service dogs within a 35 mile radius of Louisville, KY. Do you live in our area?
PwP does not place signal (hearing) dogs, medical alert (such as diabetic) dogs or guide (seeing) dogs.
PwP does not place dogs for alert such as a seizure, but our dogs are trained for response.
PwP does not place psychiatric service dogs or emotional support dogs.


Are you a military veteran?
What mobility devices do you use?
Do you feel that a service dog would improve your quality of life in a way that medication and/or medical intervention can’t?
Do you have a history of substance abuse?
Are you able to provide daily exercise for the dog?

Home/Work Life

Are you able to provide a home for the dog for the working life of the dog (approximately 10 years)?
Will you be able to care for the dog for the entire duration of their working life (approximately 10 years)?
Do you, or any other people in your home, have dog allergies?
Have you owned a dog before?
If there are children in the home, are they nervous around dogs?
Our dogs are primarily Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, or a mix of the two. Does a dog that size present any concern?
Do you own or rent your home?
Do you live in a smoke-free home?
Do you have a fenced in back yard?
Are you currently working?
Are you able to drive?


It can take two or more years to match and place a dog with an applicant. Are you willing to wait that long?
There is significant amount of book studying and hands-on learning required to have a PWP dog. This includes multiple weekends and 3-6 months of hands-on training before the dog is in your home for good. Your commitment to learning is critical to the success of this partnership. Are you able to commit to this?
The full application cost is $100 and the placement fee is $2500. Are you able to cover this expense?
PWP requires major medical insurance, which incrementally increases with the age of your dog. Are you able to cover this expense?
PWP provides a high level of nutrition for our dogs and expects this to be maintained once matched. The cost may be higher than what you feed your "pet". Are you able to cover this expense?
Public access tests are required yearly. Are you willing to put put in the time and effort to ensure a successful result?
Our dogs shed. Are you willing to be matched with a dog that sheds?
Our dogs require consistent grooming. Will you able to maintain and afford their routine?
Our dogs are trained at Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women (KCIW) during the week, but may require you to visit to aid in training. Are you wiling to submit to a background check?